No one likes a candle that they can't light, so here's a quick tip on how to fix a tunneled candle!

Common cause for a tunneled candle

An example of what a tunneled candle looks like

Quick fix for a tunneling candle

A tunneled candle is no one’s friend, and even I tunnel them here + there. But no, they aren’t ruined + yes, you can save them!

A common cause for a tunneled candle is not letting it burn long enough, which is understandable because who lives their lives around the melt pool needs of their candles? (That’s a partial joke... sometimes I do this, but that’s not normal behavior lol)

An example of a tunneled candle
Image from Homebody Candle Co.​​

Tunneling happens when the wax around the outer edges of the jar doesn't melt at the same time as the wax around the wick of your candle.

A quick fix: trim your wick (step one for every candle interaction ever. please, just always trim your wick), take a bit of aluminum foil, fold it in half (think hotdog style), then wrap it around the edge of your candle. Make a little scarf for your jar, leaving the center open for the flame. Then light your candle + in a bit, you should have a good-as-new candle!

Video not playing properly? Here's a direct link.

Be careful taking the aluminum foil off... it was just next to a live flame so it’ll be hot, but you’re smart people + you knew that already ☺️

Of course, if it’s tunneled beyond saving, that’s another story. You can always pop that candle on a warmer to use it up, but the reason why this foil method won’t work for a super tunneled candle is that the wick will be lower than the highest point of the newly melted wax. (Think like a rock on the beach — when the tide comes, the rock gets covered right? Same thing here!)

It’s about to be brutally cold + snowy, so staying home/lighting all the candles is about to be a new personality trait for those of us in wintery states for the next 6 months, so I hope this helps if you need it some day!


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Written by Elle Rogers

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