Smell Nice, Be Nice ☻

We're here to help you enjoy + savor the small things in life. Each day is a chance to celebrate your life + treat yourself to things that make you smile.

So don't wait for a special occassion to use the nice perfume or the fancy candle... you are the special occassion + you deserve to have nice things :)

Our motto is: Smell Nice, Be Nice because we believe kindness goes a long way. And when you smell good, you feel good! Candles, perfume, skincare, soap, home fragrance... we have a lil' something for everyone because we all deserve to treat ourselves.

Burn + Bloom

Our Burn + Bloom candles come with a wildflower seed dust cover! Plant your dust cover + place in a sunny spot to grow your own wildflowers 🌻

You can even clean out your candle jar after burning it to use as a planter! It's like two gifts in one ☻

A love affair with coconut...

You might notice that a lot of our skincare is made with coconuts -- coconut oil, coconut milk + cocoa butter.

We have a longstanding love affair with coconut + all of it's benefits for your skin!

Read about it here!

Made by hand + with so much love ❤

Every good smell that comes from Homebody Candle Co. is made by hand, carefully packed in to a cute lil' box + lovingly sent on their way to you.

Why? Because putting your trust in me to deliver a bundle of lovely smells to you means a lot to me!

Homebody Candle Co. has always been focused on creating things that make you happy + bring a smile to your face.

And packing up your orders always brings a smile to my face ☻

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