Core Collection:

Agave + Earth

sweet agave • watery aloe • chrysanthemum • greenery • fresh earth • patchouli

earthy, lush + botanical
like wet earth after a warm spring rain

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Amber + Ash

ozone • citrus • sandalwood • benzoin • amber • musk • cedar • powder

warm + sweet
like nights spent in front of a warm fire

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Aurora Borealis

tropical fruit • sugared orange • lemon • lime • mountain greens • sandalwood

bright + enchanting
like dancing under a starlit sky

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Cactus + Sea Salt

cactus flower • ozone • sea salt • aquatic florals • musk

lush + clean
like a day spent on the beach with sand between your toes

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Driftwood + Sage

lemon • ambrette seed • sea salt • ozone • mineral water • sage

mineral, woody + fresh
like spring days spent on the ocean shores of the west coast

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Ghost Flower

warm sand • rich amber • sweet cactus pear • ghost flower

soft, mysterious + floral
like deja vu when you're visiting a city you've never been to before

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Golden Hour

mcintosh apple • valencia orange • greenery • geranium • wild violet • french lavender • sugary vanilla • warm woods • musk

earthy, sweet + effervescent
like the way the sun sparkles across the earth during that magical sunset hour.

Shop Golden Hour

Hazy Summer

peach • raspberry • osmanthus • cinnamon • anise • rose • orange blossom • patchouli • sandalwood • musk

seductive, warm + mysterious
like finding your new favorite hideaway tucked away off the main street

Shop Hazy Summer

Native Woods

pine • balsam • citrus • bergamot • white flowers • sandalwood • patchouli • musk

sentimental, grounding + invigorating
like childhood summer nights around the bonfire, breathing in the humid midwest heat

Shop Native Woods

Olive + Orange

orange • lemon • greenery • olive leaf • gardenia • wet earth • musk • vanilla

warm, earthy + botanical
like a warm hug from an old friend you haven't seen in years

Shop Olive + Orange

Palo Santo

palo santo • warm amber • soft musk

ember-reminiscent, earthy + calming
like grounding yourself throughout the day + feeling clear-headed

Shop Palo Santo

Rosewater + Lemon

rose petals • lemon tonic • red currant • green apple • jasmine • agave

pleasant, charming + sweet
like gifting yourself that bouquet of flowers for no reason

Shop Rosewater + Lemon

Sunday Morning

sweet orange • peach • coconut • sandalwood • tonka bean

slow, quiet + soft
like those still, sun-drenched mornings you wish would last forever

Shop Sunday Morning

Tuberose + Honey

lemon • orange • bergamot • raspberry • carnation • tuberose • orchid • hydrangea • calla lily • vanilla • oakmoss • tonka bean

golden, delicate + bright
like spending the afternoons at the botanical gardens

Shop Tuberose + Honey

Wild Roots

amber • warm clove • fresh apple • cedar bark • jasmine • geranium • warm earth • oakmoss • vanilla • musk

earthy, peaceful + calming
like listening to the wind rustling through leaves in the forest

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Rotating Seasonal Collection:

Flower Market
(Spring Collection)

lime • green leaves • cyclamen • carnation • gardenia • trailing ivy

sunny + joyous
for all the floral lovers out there! 💐 like having a hundred bouquets of fresh flowers right in your arms

Shop Flower Market

Garden Party
(Spring Collection)

gardenia • honeysuckle • lily • amber • wood • tobacco • musk

spring, but a liiiiitle sultry 🌹
spring... but for grown-ups

Shop Garden Party

Juniper + Jasmine
(Spring Collection)

pineapple • orange • peach • melon blossoms • juniper • cyclamen • jasmine • violet • musk

feels like open windows + fresh air
picture that first day of spring, when you can feel the winter gloomies leaving your body + being replaced by sunrays, birds chirping + the sudden renewal of life + cheerfulness deep down in your soul

Shop Juniper + Jasmine

Bamboo + Coconut
(Summer Collection

orange flower • coconut husk • greenery • wild bamboo • white rose • cyclamen • creamy coconut milk • sandalwood • musk

clean + lush, like sitting by the pool in the shade 🥥

Shop Bamboo + Coconut

(Summer Collection)

dragonfruit • pineapple • tropical berries • hibiscus • flamingo flower • plumeria • bougainvillea • musk

Picture this... you're laying on a palm-tree-sprinkled beach, pina colada in one hand + a brand new book in the other. Sun hat is on, sunscreen is applied + you're in absolute heaven... That's Sandbar!

Shop Sandbar

Solar Flare
(Summer Collection)

citrus • palm • coconut milk • amber • teakwood • sea salt • musk

nostalgic + sun-drenched
memories of covering yourself with tanning oil as a teenager + hanging out at the beach with your friends

Shop Solar Flare

Incense + Embers
(Fall Collection)

apple • pear • violet • patchouli • tonka • vanilla

calming, ritualistic, mindful
soothing + relaxing in a way that makes you want to close your eyes + just surrender to the moment.

Shop Incense + Embers

Moonlit Bonfire
(Fall Collection

vanilla • almond • caramel • coriander • ginger • bay leaf • clove • cinnamon • leather • amber • tonka • woods • cashmere

if cozy, sweet, bonfire-esque is the vibe you're after... Moonlit Bonfire is for you!

Shop Moonlit Bonfire

Pumpkin + Clove
(Fall Collection)

pumpkin • dried orange peel • rum • nutmeg • clove • cassia • allspice • malted vanilla • cinnamon bark

warm + spicy, with highlights of dried orange peel, clove, allspice, cinnamon bark + rum. In other words, it's the pumpkin scent of my dreams.

Shop Pumpkin + Clove


Hi! It's me, just your neighborhood candle and perfume maker :)

Written by Elle Rogers

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