Homebody Candle Co is...

A passion project. A creative outlet.
A small business founded on so much love.

What started as an escape from a corporate job in 2014 has turned into business dedicated to making quality home + body goods accessible to all.

Hi, I'm Elle!

I'm a homebody, first + foremost. Followed by: animal lover, terrible dancer, matcha-obsessed, college dropout, middle child, candle enthusiast + unfortunately, headache-prone to most scents.

Homebody Candle Co. is my heart in scent form, straight from my hands to yours. It started back in our tiny Chicago apartment, when I made a candle on the stove because I was broke + needed Christmas gifts for my family.

Since then, everything you see here at Homebody Candle Co. has been created out of a need -- stinky (but ohsoloved) pets? Room sprays. Headaches from perfumes with too many ingredients? Perfumes. Soap drying your skin out? Coconut milk soaps.

When I'm not making an absolute disaster of my studio, you can find me snuggling one of our many pets (say hi, Apollo Creed, Rocky + Rizzo!), spending way too much time in Target, reading a good thriller or singing like there's no tomorrow in the car.

For home + body.

It started with candles (gateway craft!), and has since evolved to perfumes, skincare, home fragrance + more.

There's nothing more I love than spending the day down in my studio, playing mad scientist with an idea that randomly popped into my head.

One of my favorite parts of Homebody has been getting to know + connect with people all over the world because of one shared interest: Smelling nice. It's as simple as that, and sometimes simplicity really is the best.