Homebody Club

Homebody Club

Join the Homebody Club!

A way to thank you for all your love! A simple shop + earn point system that you can redeem for discounts + free goodies ☻

It's super easy (and free!) to join, and there are no extra behind-the-scenes steps you need to do – I'll take care of all that for you! Pro tip from me: leaving reviews gets those points built up quick!

Be sure to log in each time when you shop (hit that little yellow button in the bottom right-hand corner to log in + view your points!). You'll be earning freebies + free shipping in no time!

Questions? I'm here to help! Just send me a quick email at hello@homebodycandleco.com if you get stuck or need any help!

Step 2: Once you've created the account, sign in!

Step 3: Shop + earn points!


• Every dollar spent → earn 2 points

• Leave a review → earn 15 points

• Follow on IG → earn 250 points

• Have a birthday → earn 500 points

• Tell your friends → freebies + discounts!


• $5 off → 500 points

• $10 off → 1,000 points

• $20 off → 2,000 points

• Free candle tin → 1,500 points

• Free shipping → 2,000 points


Hi! It's me, just your neighborhood candle and perfume maker :)

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