A Sneak Peek at the Winter Collection

A Sneak Peek at the Winter Collection

This year's winter collection has a little sentimental twist :)

The winter collection is always a little harder for me to nail down

Mostly because now that I'm getting older, the holiday season just doesn't have that same sparkle it did as a kid. It's my least favorite season of the year + I struggle with finding scents that represent the crispness/coziness of winter without overloading on cinnamon or vanilla (both of which are great scents, but a cinnamon perfume isn't really a hot commodity around here 😂). But this year, I went super sentimental with one of the scents ☺️ It may not be the most traditional holiday/winter scent, but it means a lot to me. 

Every Christmas morning, my sister, my brother + I would sleep in the back bedroom that I shared with my sister. 

It was the bedroom furthest from the living room, so we couldn't sneak on Santa. We'd stay up as late as we could + eventually pass out, only to wake up god awfully early in the morning + run into my parent's bedroom to wake them up.

But there was a rule for Christmas morning. No one could open or look at a single thing until my dad has his hot coffee in his mug + he was sitting comfortably on the couch. Without fail, every year we would be bursting with excitement about opening our stockings + gifts, only to have to sit patiently + make the hard decision of what present to open first while we waited for that little coffee pot to brew that mug of coffee.

So this year's sentimental winter collection scent is... 

Morning Brew ☕️ 

That warm, but slightly bitter note of Arabica coffee mixed with rum + brandy (because what are the holidays without a little booze, right?), brown sugar + cocoa beans. It's not a strong, overpowering coffee scent that you come across in stores, but this is that familiar, comforting warmth that you feel when you walk into your favorite coffee shop or wake up smelling.

Inspired by my dad + learning patience on Christmas morning!

And bonus... the inspiration behind this scent in the photo above. That's me + my dad, I have no idea how old I was here, but I think I'm fairly young. That Samantha doll on the couch was my sister's + I think that's a shadow puppet contraption on the floor for me?! Not pictured is the coffee mug, which I'm sure is just out of frame on the coffee table. I think I inherited his need for caffeine first thing in the morning, along with his nose  

The holidays were always really special to me. My dad was a cross-country truck driver,  so he would be gone for weeks at a time, but he was always home during the holidays. I loved that time of year because my family was together. He eventually left that job after an injury + worked closer by, so the holidays became more like everydays because we were all home! But even as we got older + slept in a little later on Christmas morning, it was still coffee first thing. 

Eventually we got wise + learned that we could program the coffee pot to brew at 4am so the coffee would be hot + ready by the time we woke them up, but it's still that smell of coffee on Christmas morning that puts me in the holiday zone 🥰

And a little sneak of the inspiration behind the other two scents that are launching along with Morning Brew, but I'll keep those a surprise for now! ☺️ The Winter Collection is launching in early November + I'll be sure to keep you posted with exactly when!


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