All Hallows' Eve limited edition halloween candle by Homebody Candle Co

A Love Letter to All Hallows' Eve

It's that time of year again! All Hallows' Eve is back + so is the most magical time of year :)

That crisp chill in the morning, the fog before the sun rises, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the calmness before full winter comes... it really is the best time of year. 

All Hallows
Image by Tina Crespo ​​for Homebody Candle Co

Ever since I can remember, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday

The mischief. The curiosity. The decorations. The wonder. The dressing up. The level of commitment to going all out for a holiday with no strings attached. That's why I love Halloween.

I always wanted to be "that house" when I was a kid... the people that went bonkers with decorations as soon as October 1 came around. (I mean... we might be halfway there because we never "officially" took down our window handprint decorations from last year + there are still fake spiders all over our front walk area, but... 😅)

For me, Halloween is about embracing curiosity + my inner child a bit. The haunted houses, scary movies, corn mazes, pumpkin hunting, apple cider + bright sunsets are all bonuses to this time of year, but I get absolutely giddy when I see Halloween decorations + people getting into the holiday spirit. There's just so much magic during this time of year + when I realized that I could make something that celebrates all of that + share it with you... that's when I really started to fall in love with October.

All Hallows
Image by Tina Crespo ​​for Homebody Candle Co

All Hallows' Eve is my little love letter to everyone who loves the wonder of Halloween, too.

There's just something magical about everyone playing along with "spooky season" and All Hallows' Eve is my way of celebrating that.

I burn my stash of this all year, even on 90° days. The incense + orange blossom notes are soothing + calming, and I love that every single time I smell this candle, I'm taken back to some of my favorite memories. 

All Hallows' Eve is inspired by a crystal shop that I used to go to in high school (and by "go to", I mean skip school with my best friend + hang out in!). It takes me straight back to those good teenage rebellion years + the excitement that came along with spending Halloween with my friends.

Happy Halloween, friends 🖤


Hi! It's me, just your neighborhood candle and perfume maker :)

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