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Wick Accessories • Matte Black

$16.00 USD

An essential for any candle lover + the responsible thing to do ☺️ 
Trimming your candle wick ensures that your candle lives its best life + you get to experience the full lifespan of it! And you can avoid excess wax splatters when extinguishing your candles with a candle snuffer.  

Trimming the wick of your candle is essential to it burning properly + safely. It should be trimmed each time before relighting it. It doesn't just prolong the life of your candle, but it also keeps your candle burning safely without excess smoke and soot. 

Extinguishing candles with a snuffer can eliminate excess smoke/soot, that strong "just blew out a candle" scent, and you'll look oh-so-fancy!  

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    Wick Accessories • Matte Black

    $16.00 USD