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Wild Roots

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Wild Roots is earthy, peaceful + calming, like listening to the wind rustling through leaves in the forest.

Notes of: amber • warm clove • fresh apple • cedar bark • jasmine • geranium • warm earth • oakmoss • vanilla • musk

If you haven't used a solid lotion bar before, you're missing out! All the goodness of cocoa + shea butter, coconut oil + vitamin e in a simple little lotion bar. Whenever + wherever your skin needs a little extra love, just massage the lotion bar over + boom -- instantly moisturized + smooth! No more "water-as-a-main-ingredient lotions" for you!

Made with:
our signature nourishing base of butters + oils to replenish and moisturize your skin from the inside out. 



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        Wild Roots body bar Homebody Candle Co
        Agave + Earth-Body Bar-body bar-Homebody Candle Co.
        Wild Roots
        Agave + Earth-Body Bar-body bar-Homebody Candle Co.
        Agave + Earth-Body Bar-body bar-Homebody Candle Co.
        Agave + Earth-Body Bar-body bar-Homebody Candle Co.
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        Apricot Grove-Candle Tin-candle tin-Homebody Candle Co.

        Set the mood for safety:

        Be safe ✷ Place your candle on an even surface, away from drafts or flammables.

        Trim your wick ✷ Always trim your wick to 1/4" when starting a new burn.

        Let it burn ✷ Allow candle to melt to edges of container during each burn.

        Snuff it ✷
        Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of pets or children.

        Care Instructions