Sage Smudge Wand

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Sage smudge wands cleanse + remove negative energy from a person, clear your mind + relax the body. ☺️

Smudge yourself or your space! Believed to help remove negative energy from a person, clear the mind + relax the body. Smudging sage has long been used by Indigenous Americans and believed to refresh + purify body + mind.

Our 4” white sage wands for smudging are made out of organic dried herb responsibly grown at a private nursery and carefully wrapped by hand.

How to use:
Light the end of the sage wand, then blow out the flame so the wand is still smoking.

To cleanse your home:
Pass through each room of your home + make sure that each corner of the room is purified with the smoke from the sage wand. 

To cleanse your inner body:
Circle each portion of your body with the wand, while inhaling a bit to purify your inner body.

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