Olive + Orange

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My all-time FAVORITE scent + I will never change my mind, because it smells like a sophisticated hug from an old friend ☺️

Imagine ambrosial, warm earth mingling with flowery notes of gardenia + olive leaf. Take those base notes and layer them with a little vanilla (to lighten it up) + a little musk (to round it all out).

Not too warm, not too sweet, not too earthy. Just the perfect balance of everything you'd want in a use-it-everywhere-and-be-obsessed fragrance. 

Notes of: orange • lemon • greenery • olive leaf • gardenia • wet earth • musk • vanilla

Smell nice even on the go! Our perfume oils are perfect for keeping in your bag while you're out + about. Simply apply the roller-ball to your pulse points -inside elbows, temples + wrists-, sit back + wait for the compliments to come rolling in (pun sorta intended ☻)

Our perfume oils are made with our holy grail oil trifecta of grapeseed, sweet almond + apricot kernel oils. Each perfume oil is handcrafted + blended with our premium (paraben- + phthalate-free) perfume oils into our recyclable 10ml glass bottle with rollerball + white cap.



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