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Cotton Shower Pouf

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If you're looking for a super soft + luxurious way to care for your skin, these Cotton Shower Pouf's are amazing! Made of 100% quilted/tufted cotton, and very gentle on skin. 

Using too harsh of an exfoliator, or using a synthetic material, can cause irritation or sensitivity, so if you're trying to move towards a more delicate approach, try one of these!

Lather up with your favorite bar soap or body wash, massage over skin, rinse! Rinse out your pouf after each use + hang to dry before next use.

Don't forget to follow up with a moisturizer to give your skin some love after removing all the dead skin!

These Cotton Shower Poufs dry very quickly, which is great for keeping them sanitary, and the material is super strong + durable. You can toss these in the washing machine to freshen them up (use the most delicate cycle you have!).

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    Cotton Shower Pouf accessories Homebody Candle Co
    Cotton Shower Pouf accessories Homebody Candle Co
    Cotton Shower Pouf accessories Homebody Candle Co
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