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Coconut + Shea

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A highly requested addition to the summer collection... Coconut + Shea! If you snagged something from the Self-Care Collection that launched last year, you may recognize this scent (formerly known as Shea + White Woods). Universally loved + basically needed for all things summer!

Warm, soft + oh so coconut-y, but not too in-your-face coconut. A perfect blend of tonka + coconut, with a woodsy base of santal + birch. It's the perfect scent for all your summer day trips + outings, it smells like the best summer you've ever had.

Notes of: almond milk • coconut cream • shea butter • tonka bean • santal • birchwood

Give your room a boost (without the flame) with our new reed diffusers. Perfect for your home office, entryway, mudroom or any space that needs a little extra somethin' somethin'! Simply unscrew the bamboo cap, remove plastic stopper + replace the bamboo cap. Place as many reeds as you'd like (more reeds = more scent) in the bottle, then flip them over. Flip the reeds whenever you notice the scent fading. 

Our frosted glass reed diffuser bottles come with a bamboo cap + 8 rattan reeds. Each reed diffuser is 100ml and will last approximately 4-5 months. Our reed diffusers are VOC-compliant and phthalate-free. Refill options coming soon!


earthy sweet warm
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    Coconut + Shea Diffuser Homebody Candle Co
    Coconut + Shea Diffuser Homebody Candle Co
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    Flower Market Diffuser Homebody Candle Co
    Flower Market Diffuser Homebody Candle Co
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    Set the mood for safety:

    Be safe ✷ Place your candle on an even surface, away from drafts or flammables.

    Trim your wick ✷ Always trim your wick to 1/4" when starting a new burn.

    Let it burn ✷ Allow candle to melt to edges of container during each burn.

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    Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of pets or children.

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