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candle tin

Candle Tins 〰️ Seconds Sale

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Oops, these tins got dented on the delivery truck! Grab one of our candle tins at a discount due to a shipping mishap. These candles are made with the same love + ingredients, they just have some dented blemishes on the outer tin. 

*Due to their discounted price, these are final sale! Some tins are dented more than others, but they still work perfectly well :)

Made with our unique blend of coconut-soy wax, our phthalate-/paraben-free premium perfume oils + our favorite natural, flat-braided cotton wicks, hand-poured into a 8oz white metal tin with gold interior.

Great for scenting smaller rooms + bathrooms. Our candle tins are hand-poured into our white metal tins, making them great for gifts, too!

Approximate burn time: 32+ hours.


airy citrus floral
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    Agave + Earth-Candle Tin-candle tin-Homebody Candle Co.
    Agave + Earth-Candle Tin-candle tin-Homebody Candle Co.
    Agave + Earth-Candle Tin-candle tin-Homebody Candle Co.
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    Apricot Grove-Candle Tin-candle tin-Homebody Candle Co.

    Set the mood for safety:

    Be safe ✷ Place your candle on an even surface, away from drafts or flammables.

    Trim your wick ✷ Always trim your wick to 1/4" when starting a new burn.

    Let it burn ✷ Allow candle to melt to edges of container during each burn.

    Snuff it ✷
    Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of pets or children.

    Care Instructions