Cactus Bristle Dry Brush

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Say byyye to dry skin!
This cactus bristle dry brush is a handheld massage + exfoliation must-have if you're after softer skin. Dry brushing stimulates + softens the skin, removes dead skin cells + boosts blood circulation.

If you're just starting out with dry brushing, try using 2x a week at first. Start with dry skin, and move the brush in gentle circular motions on your entire body. Once your skin has gotten used to the dry brushing technique, these are great to use daily! You'll notice the benefits from the first use, but daily use is the real secret here :)

Don't forget to follow up with a moisturizer to give your skin some love after removing all the dead skin!

Size: 8" x 3"
Wooden handle with cactus bristles

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