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How to choose a scent for your living room

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Let's talk about living rooms.

For most homes (like mine!), you walk straight into the living room, aka the biggest room in the house. It sets the whole vibe for the rest of the house, so picking a scent for your living room can be a little daunting – but don't worry! 

It only feels like a big decision because you have so! many! options! Living room scents are the most versatile, you have a lot of room to play when it comes to scenting the biggest room in the house.

Here’s a couple of my favorites lately if you need some inspiration for ✨a living room vibe✨

for if you’re going for a peaceful, warm, cabin-like vibe in your living room

Wild Roots is earthy, peaceful + calming, like listening to the wind rustling through leaves in the forest.

Notes of: amber • warm clove • fresh apple • cedar bark • jasmine • geranium • warm earth • oakmoss • vanilla • musk

if you lean toward sweet warmth. Honestly, an underdog when it comes to all the scents in the collection! It's soft, it's warm, it's cozy, but it's not overwhelmingly sweet. A great option for smaller, cozier living rooms!

Amber + Ash is warm, woodsy + sweet, nights spent in front of a warm fire.

Notes of: ozone • citrus • sandalwood • benzoin • amber • musk • cedar • powder

if you’re like me + want your living room to smell like a cute lil’ flower shop!

I will honestly have a very hard time saying goodbye to Flower Market this year. It's one of those scents that I thought “Hm, haven't done a floral in a while, let's try this” and now I'm hooked!

For all the floral lovers out there! 💐 Flower Market is unbelievably sunny + joyous, like having a hundred bouquets of fresh flowers right in your arms, with their bright, cheerful mix of sweet + powdery notes wafting up to your nose.


Notes of: lime • green leaves • cyclamen • carnation • gardenia • trailing ivy

if that first scent of sweet spring air is what you want.

Open windows in the living room are great + all, but sometimes that humidity is just too much! This is a great option for that same feeling!

What's a spring collection without a scent that feels like open windows + fresh air, right? Juniper + Jasmine to the rescue! Picture that first day of spring, when you can feel the winter gloomies leaving your body + being replaced by sunrays + birds chirping + the sudden renewal of life + cheerfulness deep down in your soul... that's what Juniper + Jasmine does for me ☺️

Notes of: pineapple • orange • peach • melon blossoms • juniper • cyclamen • jasmine • violet • musk

a classic for that “oh my gosh, it smells so good in here!” feel when you walk in the front door 🥰

Really, another hidden gem in the scent catalog! Perfectly clean with a hint of sweetness. Lush from the aloe and chrysanthemum, sweet from the gardenia, and bright from the agave… It's a good one, for sure! 

Agave + Earth is earthy, lush + botanical, like wet earth after a warm spring rain.

Notes of: sweet agave • watery aloe • chrysanthemum • greenery • fresh earth • patchouli carnation • gardenia • trailing ivy

The options are endless, really!

That's the fun of choosing a scent for your living room – it really can change as often as you want! Change it with the seasons, your mood, match the color on the label to the shoes you're wearing that day… the possibilities are endless!

My only real suggestion for picking a scent for the living room is to pick one that will flow well with the scents you've chosen for other rooms. If you like earthy scents, then choosing a more neutral earthy scent (try Olive + Orange!) will help make everything else blend pretty well with each other!

Another note: If your living room is large (think open-concept) or has very high ceilings, remember that you may need multiple candles lit at once if you have a high scent throw preference! High ceilings + open floor plans are great for the flow of homes, but scent diffuses in all directions (including up!), so keep that in mind!  

My house has a long/narrow living room that flows directly into our kitchen, so I'm always picking scent combinations that blend well with each other for both rooms! My favorite combo right now is Wild Roots in the living room and Olive + Orange in the kitchen. But y'all probably already knew that I just love Olive + Orange everywhere 😅


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