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Celebratory Bubbles

Celebratory Bubbles

$24.00 USD

Happy one-year anniversary to our rebrand!! 🥳 An enormous chance to take, but here we are... an entire year later already! I'm just as in love with it all as I was the first day I saw it + to celebrate, I thought I'd do something a little different than usual... 🥂

Introducing -- the Celebratory Bubbles Candles! While I can't enjoy a glass of champagne with you in person to celebrate, I can at least send you some happy mail bubbles! Each candle is poured by hand + colored to match the Homebody brand colors :)

An ode to our pre-rebrand floral labels 🥰  Sweet + sunny notes of:
oakmoss • lily • ylang-ylang • jasmine • amber • musk • sandalwood

These candles will burn directly down the center of the candle, letting the bubbles on the outside glow from within. Due to this candle being a pillar, a candle plate or dish is advised to use.


  • 4.75oz

  • vegetable-soy wax

  • natural, flat-braided cotton wick

  • phthalate- and paraben-free fragrance oils

  • approx. burn time: 6 hours (can be melted down after wick extinguishes in a wax melter!)
  • Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" + keep away from drafts

  • Burn on a fireproof candle dish (if not, the melted wax will seep onto the surface you're burning your candle on)

  • First time burn: allow the melt pool to reach about 1/2" to the edge of the candle, then extinguish. Let the wax harden + then relight! This will form a tunnel for the next burn.

  • Once the wick has burned down, you can use the remainder in a wax melter. If the outer bubble shell of the candle remains intact, you can place a tealight inside to burn, as well! 

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Celebratory Bubbles

$24.00 USD