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Agave + Earth

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All good things must come to an end sometimes... Agave + Earth is being discontinued! It's had a great run, but some space needs to be made in the core collection, so stock up on Agave + Earth now while you can -- once stock is sold out, it'll be gone for good!

Agave + Earth is earthy, lush + botanical, like wet earth after a warm spring rain.

Notes of: sweet agave • watery aloe • chrysanthemum • greenery • fresh earth • patchouli

If you haven't used a solid lotion bar before, you're missing out! All the goodness of cocoa + shea butter, coconut oil + vitamin e in a simple little lotion bar. Whenever + wherever your skin needs a little extra love, just massage the lotion bar over + boom -- instantly moisturized + smooth! No more "water-as-a-main-ingredient lotions" for you!

Made with:
our signature nourishing base of butters + oils to replenish and moisturize your skin from the inside out. 


airy citrus floral

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      Agave + Earth body bar Homebody Candle Co
      Agave + Earth-Body Bar-body bar-Homebody Candle Co.
      Agave + Earth
      Agave + Earth-Body Bar-body bar-Homebody Candle Co.
      Agave + Earth-Body Bar-body bar-Homebody Candle Co.
      Agave + Earth-Body Bar-body bar-Homebody Candle Co.
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