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The Story of our Rebrand

You may remember a time when this business was called
Wood & Wax Co.

It all started back in early 2015, when I quit my full-time job + decided to make a candle to fill all the new time on my hands. I tossed that candle up on Etsy and it sold! That launched a winding path of label design, scent development, product experimentation and eventually to Wood & Wax Co.'s 5th birthday in 2020. 


But, let me go back a little bit... back in 2018, my partner and I were out for a walk and we came across an empty storefront. I looked in the windows, saw the potential + immediately pictured it...the name of my retail space! It literally took my breath away because it felt so right... but it wasn't the name of my actual business. I wasn't picturing "Wood & Wax Co." across the front, I was picturing it called something else, something more encompassing and more me. Something that would capture all of what I create and give me the freedom to expand as my business grew. But what was I supposed to do?


For the next 2.5 years, I sat on it. And sat on it some more. The name change was flittering around in the back of my mind, but it never felt like the right time. I felt like I'd be throwing away years of hard work, recognition and relationships I'd built with customers (I was so nervous that no one would realize that it's still me!).


Then the 5th anniversary of my business came. I knew I wanted to do something big for this milestone, so I created the Celebration Series. They were a complete 180 from anything else I'd made. They were bright, and bold and modern, didn't have a flower in sight and weren't made with wooden wicks. The more I played around with them, the more I fell in love + realized that although the floral aspect of my business is something I'll always hold close to my heart, it just wasn't what my business, or myself, represented anymore. And since the feedback on these was so awesome (thanks, y'all!), I knew I wanted to stick with cotton wicks instead of wood. And that's when I knew it was time to listen to what my gut had been telling me for years.


It was time for a refresh. And it was gonna be a big one. 


When I think longterm about the business I've created, I see a storefront, subscription boxes, classes, maybe hosting a market or two. I see expanding on products I already make and some I haven't made yet. I see potential in it, but only if it stays true to me.  


And what's true to me is making products that are inclusive and modern. I wanted to be able to reach a wider range of people with my goods and not have them seem overly feminine or give the illusion that all of my scents were floral. And since I've always created goods for your home + body, I knew the name change was a perfect fit. On top of that, I've been a homebody my entire life (just ask my family, they'll back me up!) and I create everything out of my home studio. The name just fit. 


So, I started seriously considering a rebrand and realized how much work it really is. It's like starting a brand new business, while still trying to keep your current one afloat and alive! It's essentially like running two businesses at the same time. 


But! I did it. I got to work with a wonderful graphic designer and she brought everything that was in my brain to life. Now, when I look at my business, it feels like me. It feels like pure sunshine. I can visualize the future of my business. 

So, super longwinded way of saying:
Hi, it's still me here, making all of your products by hand in my home studio. It's still the same products you already know, just with a brand new look. 

Welcome to Homebody Candle Co. I hope you love it ♡

Homebody Candle Co.
Made for homebodies, by a homebody.