Copy of Our Story ☼

Homebody Candle Co. Our Story

Hi! I'm Elle, the hands behind the scenes here at Homebody Candle Co.

Every (home)body has a story. Mine begins way back, when butterfly clips were unironically cool + dial-up internet was new. 

I have always loved being at home. As a kid, I would do pretty much anything to get out of having to leave the house or go to school. My room was my sanctuary, filled to the brim with Polly Pockets and Spice Girls memorabilia. It was the only place I felt comfortable in during that super awkward time of adolescence, when you're trying to be like everyone else, but no one is really cool enough to want to imitate :) 

I've always kept that in mind as I've grown up + I've learned that it's 100% okay to want to be at home. There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend time in the space you've built for yourself! Your home is a reflection of you. It's your safe-space, where you can surround yourself with all the things that make you happy.

I will forever be a homebody. I'm lucky enough to be able to run this business from my home studio and create in a space that calms me and makes me happy. Those emotions come through in my work, and it's like I'm sending you a bundle of cozy sunshine in the mail, from one homebody to another.  

I hope you'll find something that you love + brings a smile to your face when you use it ☼