Burn + Bloom

Woo!! What's better than a candle? TBH, nothing beats a new candle, but the next-best thing is probably fresh flowers! Now you can grow your own wildflowers when you buy any of our Burn + Bloom candles.

Here's a quick how to we've put together on how to use your wildflower-infused dust covers (pro tip: you can plant your seeds directly in your used candle jar after you've finished burning it! Just clean the tumbler out and you're good to go!).


Step 1 • Get your vessel ready:
To clean out your candle tumbler: heat oven to lowest setting + place your jar on a lined baking sheet until wax has liquified. Pour the liquid wax onto a paper towel and let cool. Wash out remaining wax with soap + water!

Step 2 • Fill:
Place a few rocks/stones at the bottom for draining + filtration.
Fill your planter/tumbler with your choice of potting soil to about 3/4 full.
(We like the seed-starting blends to give your flowers a little extra boost!)

Step 3 • Plant under 1/8" of soil:

If you're using the candle jar as your vessel: place the whole dust cover on top of the soil + cover with about an 1/8" of soil.
If you're using a smaller vessel: you can rip the dust cover into smaller pieces to have it fit. Cover under 1/8" of soil.

Step 4 • Sun, baby, sun!
Place your new baby seeds in a sunny spot + keep moist during germination. Be careful not to drown your seeds with too much water. Rotate every few days so your flowers grow nice + straight

Each seeded dust cover is a surprise blend of bird's eyes, clarkia, black-eyed susan, catchfly, sweet alyssum and snapdragons. Like all living plants, your dust covers should be looked after with care + attention. Be sure to water often and give them lots of sun! Results will vary depending on location.