Sunlit Meadow

milk soap

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Sunlit Meadow a clean, fresh, earthy fall scent. Citrus hints at the soft, botanical notes, while leafy greens balance with the warm, sundrenched haystack + forest fern notes.

Notes of: citrus • hay • soft florals • hay stacks • fern • barnwood

Part of the Fall 2020 Collection (available until end of September).

Made with:
our signature nourishing base of coconut oil, coconut milk made from the "meat" of the coconut + skin-beneficial clays.

D E T A I L S:

  • 6.5-ounce bar
  • phthalate/paraben-free fragrance oils
  • colored with red Moroccan clay

I N G R E D I E N T S :

  • sorbitol / coconut oil / propylene glycol / stearic acid / water / sodium hydroxide / glycerin / coconut milk / titaniium dioxide / clay
  • sorbitol / sodim cocoate / propylene glycol / sodium stearate / water / sodium hydroxide / glycerin / cocos nucifera fruit juice / titanium dioxide / clay

C A R E   +   U S E:

  • You know the drill... lather up, rinse + repeat if you want!
  • Store soap out of direct sunlight, as this can speed up clay fading
  • All of our products are made to order + made by hand. Variations may occur + are natural.

B E N E F I T S:

  • Coconut Oil: 
    moisturizes • strengthens skin tissue • absorbs quickly • soothes sunburn + psoriasis • protects from wrinkles + cell damage
  • Coconut Milk: 
    moisturizes dry skin + hair • high levels of vitamin C, E, B1, B3, B5 + B6 • maintains resiliency + suppleness of skin • can help prevent wrinkles + sun spots • assists in soothing eczema, dermatitis + psoriasis • natural fatty acids help heal dry + bothered skin • removes harmful bacteria • rich in iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium + phosphorus
  • French green clay: 
    ideal for oily skin • draws impurities out of skin • tones • reduces inflammation
  • Rhassoul clay: 
    ideal for any skin • rich in magnesium, calcium + potassium • balances skin natural oils 
  • Red Moroccan clay: 
    ideal for dry skin • high in iron • deep moisturizing properties • gentle exfoliator
  • Rose Kaolin Clay:
    ideal for dry or mature skin • gentle cleanser + exfoliation • absorbs impurities from skin
  • Turmeric powder:
    ideal for combination skin • reduces redness • calms irritations + inflammation • brightens • hydrates