⋒ it’s going to be 90° tomorrow, which is perfect timing for the summer collection to launch! ☀️ tomorrow at 5:30p cst — there’s a countdown in my stories if you want to be reminded + you can always hop on the newsletter so you ✨for sure✨ won’t miss out (just tap the link in my bio!). i only have a few reed diffusers available for the summer scents, so definitely hop on the newsletter train if you have your eye on one of those ☺️
Written by Elle Rogers

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June 2, 2021

The summer collection launches Saturday!!! ☀️🥳✌️ they’re all basically like if i could package up our lil’ backyard + send it to you in the mail ☺️⠀

BTS: Body Bars ✌️

BTS • Body Bars (aka: my favorite lazy self-care hack!)