⋒ the summer collection launches Saturday!!! ☀️🥳✌️ they’re all basically like if i could package up our lil’ backyard + send it to you in the mail ☺️⠀

⋒ Dandelion Fields is making a comeback this year, which is fitting seeing as how our backyard was filled with them until we bought an actual lawnmower yesterday 😂 ⠀

⋒ Sunset Lake is new + i already can’t get enough! and there’s one other one i’m keeping a surprise because it might be everything i’ve ever wanted in a summer scent and i never thought summer could smell this way, but... it does + i really hope y’all are as into it as i am 🥰
Written by Elle Rogers

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homebodycandle.co ⋒ got all these out on the porch exactly 4 seconds before the FedEx truck pulled up ✌️ after all this packing up yesterda...

June 3, 2021

It’s going to be 90° tomorrow, which is perfect timing for the summer collection to launch! ☀️