Frequently Asked Questions

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All of our products are made in our studio space in Chicago, IL.

Totally! You can find all of our gift cards here.

  • While we don't currently offer a recycle program, all of our containers can be reused!
    Use our Burn + Bloom candle tumblers to plant your wildflower dust cover.
  • Use the tins that our candle tins + body bars come in to store jewelry, love notes, or other trinkets.
  • Use our body nectar, linen mist + perfume bottles to store your own DIY toners, facial mists + hair oils. We're always adding new recipes to our Pinterest board.

We are lucky enough to work with so many amazing small businesses across the country! Check out our stockists page to find a sto re selling Homebody Candle Co. near you!

Our philosophy with scent throw is: we want our products to compliment your home + your body's natural chemistry, not overpower it. Because of this and the fact that we use natural ingredients, scent throw will be more intimate than other products you may come across on the market that are made using paraffin or additives.

Some of our fragrances are meant to have a subtle, less overpowering scent. See our Scent Library for a listing of each scent we offer + its profiles notes.  

Great question! We put a lot of heart into making our products, but they deserve a little love from you, too!

Candles: always burn until the entire surface is liquid (this prevents tunneling) and the wick should be trimmed to 1/4" each time before relighting.

Perfumes/body care/soap: Store these out of direct sunlight, as the natural oils used to make them like darker spaces. 

Yes. Smoke and soot are natural natural parts of the burning process. When talking about candles, picture the wax as the fuel of the fire, and the wick as the delivery system. As the wax travels up the wick, it's releasing the scent. 

To keep the soot to it's minimum, it's SUPER important that you trim your wick EACH time before relighting. This can be done with nail clippers, regular scissors or a wick trimmer. You don't have to get fancy, but you do have to trim that wick! An untrimmed wick will lead to issues with your candle (including higher amounts of soot + smoke).

I'll be straight with you: Please for the love of all candles everywhere: trim. your. wick.! :)

We offer a lot of seasonal + limited edition fragrances. Because of this, we sometimes need to discontinue scents so that we can bring in the new! If there's a scent that you loved that's no longer available, you can reach out here.

All of our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced to be as sustainable as possible, phthalate + paraben free and cruelty-free (we're not vegan yet!).

You can read about all of our ingredients here.  

Our candles are made with: clean-burning soy-coconut wax, all-natural cotton/paper wicks + fragrance oil blends made of natural + man-made materials.

Each product has ingredients listed in the description.  

From our very first candle (way back in 2015), all of our products have been small-batch made by hand by Elle. Our mission has been to make + share products that are made with a luxury feel and an affordable price.

We are lucky enough to work with so many amazing small businesses across the country! Check out our stockists page to find a store selling Homebody Candle Co. near you!

We use fragrance oils because they are specifically formulated for use in candles + body products, which is very important to us! We don't want you to put something on your body or in your home that isn't formulated to be used in that way. 

Fragrance oils also allow for more complex + unique scent profiles. You won't find any single note fragrances in any of our products.

Fragrance oils are, oftentimes, more sustainable to produce than the manufacturing process for essential oils.

Fragrance oils allow us to keep our prices affordable.


Due to the "Stay At Home" mandate, we are not accepting any returns or exchanges.

We begin making your items as soon as you place your order, so cancellations need to be made within 24 hours from when you place your order. We may not always be able to accept your cancellation request. 


Yes, absolutely! And we are so thankful for your support during this uneasy time! Rest assured, all of our products are made in a sanitized + controlled environment, now + always. As long as the US Post Office is still functioning, we will be too! Although, our suppliers span across the country so we may run into a few stock issues as we navigate these news waters, but we will always keep you updated on the status of your order.

Yes! Simply write in the notes section during checkout what you would like your note to say + we will include one of our notecards with your order.

All products are made to order, so you can expect your package to be in the mail anywhere from 2-6 business days after your order is placed. We ship via USPS and the majority of packages arrive with 3 business days from being scanned by our local post office. 

Due to an increase in mailed packages during COVID-19, our local post offices may be running a bit slower and it may take longer for your package to arrive. (Please know that once your package is handed over to the post office, we have no control over when it's scanned in or how long it takes to get to you.) Most packages are delivered in their regular timeframe, but there are instances of packages taking a bit longer. If your tracking number shows no movement for over a week, please reach out at and we'll try to find a solution together! :)

Everywhere! As long as you have a valid address, we can ship to you! Please note: international shipments may be subject to customs fees/duties/taxes which aren't covered in our shipping rates. These customs fees are the customer's responsibility.